French shutters

imageI know I’ve been MIA but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped doing what I love. It just means I have a lot less time to do so lately. I’m not one to go into details but that pretty much sums it up. Sometimes I have the time and sometimes I dont. My mind never stops though. I’m always thinking what’s next! I have an incredible need to pick up a paintbrush and paint. It’s really what keeps me sane! Lol.

So, with that being said, you might remember the shutters I had painted a while back? Well, it seems like the colours were just not right for my house. So, I did what any paint lover does & repainted them. This time, I painted them in AS Old white, I dry brushed the shutters using AS ochre, paris grey and coco over the existing paint. I then dry brushed the frame with paris grey. I didn’t sand it because I didn’t want the old blue paint underneath to peak through so drybrushing the grey over it was the way to go. I then added the french details on top of each using a stencil I had and used Paris Grey for that.image


image I really love how they look now. To think they once looked like this!image

I attached all three together and want to hang them up as one. The problem is finding the right spot even though the colours now better match my decor. They look weird next to a window, or the size is wrong for that wall, or it looks too random. I still don’t know where to hang it. I hope I can find the right spot for it because I really do love¬†them now much more than before!

Country Kitchen sign

imageFor the longest time now, I had been wanting a kitchen sign in my kitchen. At my last flea market trip, I saw a very cute sign that read Country Kitchen with a chicken silhouette and I wanted to buy it. BUT at $55 I found it pricey and knew I can most likely replicate it myself. Continue reading

French flower pot


Bonjour mes amis!

Oui oui, I have made another french flower pot. This one is a small terracotta pot that I added a really cute french graphic to! I just love it. So simple, yet it adds so much to a simple little pot. Continue reading

Vintage trinket box

imageDon’t you just love old wood boxes? I know I do! There’s just something about them!

I found this trinket/jewelry box at that antique flea market I visited at the beginning of summer. Continue reading

French knob hanger

20140805-230329-83009224.jpgI know it’s been awhile. But I’m working on a few projects and I finally got my hands on some Annie Sloan chalk paint! Super excited about that. I had mentioned having two knob hangers right? Continue reading